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Frequently Asked Questions / پرسش های متداول

Frequently Asked Questions


Why does none of your movies play for me?

For most of our movies, you will need to have Adobe Flash player installed. If you do not have this, please get it here: get.adobe.com/flashplayer. If you do have this installed and still not able to view the movie, there might be these other issues that you might want to consider.
1- Your internet connection speed and your location.
2- Your location as in which country your in, some videos that are hosted on video sharing sites are blocked by their country or filtered out.
3- The video has been deleted, if you see this message, please report it to us so we can update the video with new link.
4- There are too many people watching this video at the same time, this make the video slow and perhaps not to load, please try to watch it later on.

Can I play your movies on my iPod/iPhone/iPad?

Movies hosted on YouTube should be visible without any problems on devices supporting HTML5.
If your using your mobile device and automatically dont go on our mobile site, please visit http://www.donyatv.com/mobile/

I get a message a certain movie is not available, or the movie does not load

There can be several reasons for this. Please check first if other movies at our website do play for you.
If you can not get any video to play, make sure you have Adobe Flash installed.
If only that specific movie is broken, it is possible that it is not available in your area or that the movie was removed from the hosting site.
Please use the button at the page to report any broken movies.

Can I publish my work on your site?

The best thing to do is to upload the movie to a video hosting site, and then send the link to us afterwards.
If you have more questions about this, do not hesitate to contact us about it.

Copyright Questions

All of the movies or TV series at our website are not hosted at our server, but at external sites such as YouTube, Google Video, Vemio, daily motion, Sevenload and others.
If you do not like your work being available on these sites, please contact the hosting site directly instead of contacting us.
We assume all movies available on the web are either in public domain or posted there by the copyright owner.

چرا سریالهای را اینقدر دیر میذارید؟
سریالها اول باید پخش بشن تا ما ضبط کنیم. وقتیکه ضبط شد باید آپلود بشه، بعد از اینکه آپلود شد باید تبدیل بشه به ویدئو تا بشه اونلاین تماشا کرد. همه اینها چندین ساعت طول میکش، یک سریال که نیست، چند تا سریال هست که تقریبا روزنهٔ باید انجام بشه، اگر همه چی‌ خوب پیش بره. ما هیچوقت قول هیچ چیزی را ندادیم، اگر بعضی‌ وقت‌ها کمی‌ دیرتر شد، دیگه باید ببخشید.