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Kamkars Ensemble part 2 - kamkaran kabuki

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Kamkaran is a music group from Kurdistan (Sîne) featuring one of the best singers in whole Kurdistan, Shahram Nazeri For me , the best music group of the world --- The Kamkars began their musical activities as a semi-professional group in 1967 in the city of Sanandaj in province Kurdistan of Iran. Directed by Maestro Hassan Kamkar, the Kamkars including Hushang, Bijan, Pashang, Arjang, Ghashang and Arsalan Kamkar performed concerts in Sanandaj and other cities in the country. At that time the renowned Iranian tar player Mohammad Reza Lotfi was also a member of the ensemble. It was in 1977 when the Kamkar brothers left their hometown Sanandaj for Tehran to pursue music studies in the University of Tehran's School of Fine Arts. In 1979 along with MR Lotfi, Hossein Alizadeh and Parviz Meshkatian the Kamkars founded Sheyda Ensemble and then Aref Ensemble (1979). They performed several concerts with Mohammad Reza Shajarian and Shahram Nazeri as lead singers. These performances were without a doubt among the most memorable Iranian traditional musical events. In 1989 the Kamkars and Omid Lotfi (son of Ghashang) began their musical activities with the artistic direction of Hushang Kamkar. Omid Lotfi then quit the Ensemble for studying abroad the country. Later other family members joined the ensemble such as Maryam Embrahimpur (vocal&ghichak), Saba Kamkar (vocal, drum), Najmeh Tajadod (vocal), Hana Kamkar (daf). Kamkars perform regularly abroad the country in various cities of...

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